What happens at a consultation?

A first consultation takes about one hour whilst a review takes 30 minutes or less.  

During a first consultation, I spend time taking a medical history and finding out about any medications.  We discuss your goals and reasons for coming to see me. From there I gather information about dietary habits as well as doing some body composition assessments.  This underpins the plan of action we agree to going forward. For weight management, patients generally come back every 2 weeks for reviews.  

For IBS and the Low FODMAP diet, patients come back 4-8 weeks after their first appointment for re-introduction advice, and usually for one further appointment.

 How Much Does a Consultation Cost?

Standard Consultations:

  • 1st appointment (1 hour) = €80
  • Review appointment (30 minutes) = €40

LOW FODMAP DIET consultations:

  • 1st appointment (1 hour 15 minutes) = €90
  • Review appointment (45 minutes) = €50
  • Includes high quality support material from Kings College London.

Reimbursement of Dietitian Consultation fees

As a registered Dietitian with CORU, I am recognised by health insurers.  This means that you may be entitled to claim reimbursement from your health insurer on dietitian consultation fees and the amount may vary depending on your plan.  Check with your individual provider for details pertaining to your own individual policy.