My Top Cookery Book of 2013 – Apron Strings by Nessa Robins

IMG_2030My Cookery Book Addiction

I’m a little bit addicted to cookery books!!  Very addicted if the truth be told.  My cookery books have outgrown my bookshelves in the kitchen and have begun to move into the living room.  Despite this, every time I pass a bookshop, I find myself back in the food section leafing through the latest cookery book.  I can’t help myself.  It’s my treat 😉

Cooking is my hobby and baking is definitely my therapy.  It’s how I wind down.  If I feel stressed, the one thing that will calm me is rummaging around in the larder to find a few ingredients, sticking on my apron and immersing myself in a little world of delicious baking smells for a while.

Apron Strings

So, it was with great delight that I came across a little gem in the Autumn which quickly became my Cookery Book of 2013.  Apron Strings by Nessa Robins is a joy to read.  What I love so much about this book and what makes it stand out amongst the rest are the stories behind the recipes.  It’s more than just a cookery book because it’s a great, great read.  It’s actually a little treasure.

This is a book written from the heart.  I shed a few tears reading through this book and I was particularly moved by Nessa’s account of baking Gingerbread for her Father to a childhood recipe.  So beautifully written.  This struck a chord with me because I really believe in making memories with my children.  Baking and cooking is a big thing in our family and I hope in the future my children will have wonderful memories of cooking with their mammy and of delicious baking smells wafting through our home.


The recipes are wonderful and I have already tried a lot of different recipes from this book.

Max Makes Multiseed Brown Bread
Max Makes Multi-Seed Bread

Here are a few of my family’s favourites:

  •  Chicken in a Herby White Wine Sauce.

This recipe has made it onto our weekly menu!  So quick, so easy, so tasty and very healthy too.

  •  Chorizo,Bean and Pasta soup

I adapted this recipe to use less chorizo but it still tastes great.

  •  Thai Beef Curry

The photo of this made we want to cook it and the taste is fantastic and even better it doesn’t take long to cook.

  •  Rise and Shine Granola

The whole family love this one and again a batch is made every week.  It’s delicious with fresh berries, natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

  •  Multi-seed Brown Bread

I have been searching for years to find the perfect brown bread recipe.  So often they are too stodgy or too crumbly.  This recipe works over and over and is now a staple in our house.

Family-friendly, Good, Honest Cooking

This book has become my most-used cookbook in 2013 and I know I will continue to use it throughout 2014.

If like me, you love a good cookery book, home-cooked family meals and baking recipes aplenty, this is the book for you.

Go on, treat yourself! IMG_1588





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